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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use Trionics developers with any color line or lightener?

    YES! Trionics developers are universal and can be used with all manufacturers’ color lines and lighteners—ammonia and non-ammonia color, oil or gel-based color, high-lift color, cream bleaches, traditional powders, clay-based lighteners… EVERYTHING!

  2. Do I have to use heat for the developers to work? Will any heat source do?

    Heat is suggested (low to medium heat—too hot and it has an adverse effect on the enzymes) simply because that bit of heat catalyzes the enzymes, accelerating the reaction, and you can be done processing in about half the time. However, heat it is not required. Your clients will get all the same great benefits of the enzymes without heat, they’ll just process at normal speed with body heat, as per manufacturers’ instructions. You have total flexibility.

    On the back of every developer bottle are directions if you were to put someone under a warm hooded dryer with a plastic cap. However, nowadays stylists have many more options in terms of heat sources—rollerball, heat lamp, IRL, incubation with saran, meche, foil etc.—it all works. Any heat source will do! Processing times will vary so keep an eye on it and you’re good to go!

  3. I have a lot of Asian, African-American, Indian and Hispanic clients—will Trionics developers work on their hair?

    YES! Trionics is tried and true on every type and texture of hair for more than 30 years, with beautiful results every time.

  4. You’ve got a 5 vol (No Lift), 10 vol (Accent), 17 vol (Gray B Gone), 20 vol (Actuator) but then it jumps to 50 (Lift Thru) and Higher & Higher… what about 30 vol? 40 vol? Etc?

    All the Trionics developers are blendable, so you can mix to your perfect 30 vol, 35 vol, etc. Our blending chart will give you all the mixing ratios you need for success.

  5. Why is Higher & Higher 50–80 vol? Which is it?

    Good question! And the answer is it depends… it depends on the decisions you make as artist behind the chair with the particular head of hair or canvas that you’re working with. It depends on factors such as:

    • What type of lightener you use. For example, an aggressive, traditional powder bleach is going to lift very differently than say your average clay lightener.
    • The condition or integrity of the hair you’re working with.
    • The starting level and/or resistance of the hair—for example, a level 3 client with black box dye on her hair will likely lift very differently than say a level 6/7.
    • How long you process and whether or not you use heat or incubation.

    This is where your skills as the artist come into play, because all these variables play a role.

  6. Can I just use my regular developer and add in some Higher & Higher to give it an extra boost?

    Technically, yes, but why risk your client’s hair and scalp? Just use Higher & Higher alone, or, if you want something a little lower, blend with Lift Thru (50 vol) or use Lift Thru by itself. If the concern is price, then look at the answer to the next question…

  7. Are Trionics developers more expensive than regular peroxide developers? How can I justify the incremental cost?

    Yes, Trionics developers are more expensive than regular developers, but it’s not the same old stuff in the bottle. You and your clients will see and feel the difference. For perspective, on average it’s about 90¢ to $1.00 more per application. On high-ticket services like balayage or vivids, your margins can probably absorb the incremental 90¢.

  8. But what about the “bread and butter” services—for example, gray coverage—that don’t command the same price? How, then, can I justify the cost?
    1. Educate your clients—"I discovered a new line of developers that are safer, more gentle, far less damaging and will extend the life of your color." No one has ever come back to us and said, “my clients didn’t want healthier hair and better results!” It doesn’t happen.
    2. Put the developers to the test without telling your clients, and wait for the inevitable feedback: “You did something different this time… my hair feels better, color is lasting longer etc.” Then explain and educate, “I used a better, more gentle developer, safer, far less damaging but it costs a bit more. I’ll need to charge $X more ($2, $3, $5, whatever makes sense for your business) to cover the cost” and they’ll be more than happy to pay it because of the superior results.
    3. Take advantage of time savings with heat. In a business where time is money, this is a huge bonus! For example, basic gray coverage. If it normally takes 40–45 minutes to process a client, with Gray B Gone 20 minutes under the dryer and, voilà—you’re done! Fast and easy. You can see 2–3 clients in the time it normally takes to do one, and build your business. Many Trionics customers have built their businesses on Gray B Gone—offering “Express Color” touch-ups over lunch hours. Clients are in and out in an hour or less… they’ll love it, you’ll love it… and it‘s more money to your bottom line.
    4. Watch your repeat and referral business grow as clients spread the word to their friends. We hear this feedback all the time from happy customers.
  9. Can I use Olaplex or another bond builder with Trionics developers? If I use Trionics, do I have to use Olaplex? Or vice versa?

    Yes, Trionics is compatible with all bond builders. Regarding the question of Olaplex, the choice to use one or both is entirely up to you, but many call it the dream team of healthy hair because they do different things. An appropriate analogy is “skin and bones.” Trionics protects the "skin"—the cuticle, the outer layer of the hair—while Olaplex repairs “the bones”—the bonds on the inside of the hair. Together… dream team of healthy hair.

  10. Is there peroxide in the developers? How truly are these enzyme developers different and better?

    Yes, there is peroxide in the developers. There has to be for the oxidation process to occur. What makes Trionics developers so unique are the enzymes that come from plant proteins, sea kelp. When the enzymes come together in the right combination, they infuse the hair with health, strength and vitality.

    First, the enzymes buffer the explosiveness of the reaction happening under the cuticle layer, thus mitigating a lot of the damage to the hair and scalp. Second, enzymes by definition are catalysts, making processes more efficient. Here they help to penetrate color more deeply into the cortex providing superior results, all while nourishing and protecting the hair. That’s why you’ll see stronger, healthier hair, more vibrant, lasting colors, a healthier scalp, less fade etc. In every way, Trionics makes color better.

  11. What is the shelf life of Trionics developers?

    All Trionics developers are stabilized and will last a minimum of 2 years if stored properly in a relatively cool space (normal room temperature). While it is not advisable to leave bottles open, they will not deteriorate or go bad if you accidentally do so for a period of time.

  12. Once stylists fall in love with the developers, they always want to know, “when are you coming out with a color line, too?”

    The answer is, likely, “never.” There are a ton of incredible color companies out there and Trionics works beautifully with all of them. If we make a product, you can feel very confident that, like our developers, they are best-in-class—otherwise we wouldn’t make them. Now go forth and explore all Trionics has to offer!

  13. Where can I learn more about the benefits of the developers and basic information on how to use them? Where can I find more information about all the other Trionics products?

    In addition to the information on each of the product pages on the Trionics web site, we have a set of fourteen product knowledge videos covering the full line of Trionics products (except perms). They’re made by stylists, for stylists and are fun and informative!

  14. Where can I find a manual with complete directions on how to use all Trionics products including the perms?

    Visit our online technical manual to find information on all of our products.

  15. Where can I find information on tradeshows Trionics attends and classes you offer?

    We list all the tradeshows we attend on our Events page. Trionics has classes at every tradeshow we attend so check individual show schedules for locations and times. We also post this information on our social media channels so follow us on Instagram: @trionicshaircare and Facebook: /trionicshaircare. You can also join the Trionics User Forum on Facebook which is a wonderful, supportive community. Friend Philice LeBow to receive an invite to join.

    In addition, many of you know Trionics Artistic Director & Educator, Sarai Speer, on Instagram as @theplatinumgiraffe.

    • She’s been on The Look: All Stars TV show.
    • Her work has been published in The Today Show Insider, Allure and Glamour.
    • She lights up IG with her breathtaking, heart-stopping blondes and vivids.
    • Her Blonde Ambition classes sell out all over the country and get rave reviews.
    • Her no-nonsense, honest approach to teaching inspires us all!

    If you have the opportunity to take her Blonde Ambition class, do so! She incorporates a lot of Trionics information and will blow you away with her artistry, knowledge and techniques.

    Find Blonde Ambition tour dates/locations here.

  16. Where is Trionics sold in the United States? Is Trionics available abroad?

    In the U.S., Trionics developers, perms and KO Blondes are available at CosmoProf/Armstrong McCall. In addition, Trionics is sold by many local distributors as well, and they often carry more of the Trionics products you want. Click here to find the list of all Trionics distributors. Trionics is not distributed internationally yet but we’re working on it so stay tuned. Follow us on Instagram: @trionicshaircare and Facebook: /trionicshaircare for announcements!

  17. I went to my local CosmoProf store to purchase Trionics but they told me they don’t carry it. How can I get it?

    CosmoProf carries a lot of different brands, so at times it’s possible an employee may not be aware they carry Trionics. Below is a list of all the Trionics products CosmoProf carries with their corresponding SKUs to help your representative find them in the computer system for you. Whatever is not on the shelves can be ordered for you through the warehouse.

    PLEASE NOTE: Cosmoprof is in the process of updating their systems. As a result, some stores may carry the legacy SKUs (starting with “724…”), while others carry the new system SKUs (starting with “111…”). If one SKU doesn't work, try the other when referencing our products with store personnel.

    No Lift (5 vol) SKU #1113899 SKU #724080
    Accent (10 vol) SKU #1113880 SKU #724017
    Gray B Gone (17 vol) SKU #1113890 SKU #724047
    Actuator (20 vol) SKU #1113883 SKU #724027
    Lift Thru (50 vol) SKU #1113879 SKU #724010
    Higher & Higher SKU #1113886 SKU #724037
    KO Blondes SKU #1113878 SKU #724003