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Johnathan Gale

“Working in a business where my clients are exposed to a barrage of chemicals, I am thrilled to have an alternative to damaging peroxide, from 5 volume all the way to 80 volume. As a hair artist, results are the bottom line, and Trionics enzyme developers deliver superior results—stronger, healthier hair, more vibrant, lasting colors, a healthier scalp, less fade, all with consciousness to the overall health of the body. Discovering Trionics means so much to me as a colorist. It’s a true beauty product.”

—Johnathan Gale, celebrity colorist, Sally Hershberger Salon, Los Angeles, CA

Kimemily Pham

“We love all the Trionics products! Their two high-lift developers [Lift Thru and Higher & Higher] for balayage are amazing—fast, great results with no breakage. Gray B Gone is fabulous for stubborn gray coverage. We love Scalp-Eze with high-lift bleach and color formulas. Clients feel little to no irritation which is so nice! Enzyme Cocktail is our favorite, though. We treat clients with compromised hair frequently and this helps the process run smoothly. Then clients come back for deep conditioning treatments too. Before, during, and after, our clients’ hair remains strong, healthy, and shiny. Not only do stylists love Trionics, but our clients do as well!”

—Kimemily Pham, Stylist and Owner of Excellent Hair Salon, Fremont, CA

Janine Shuman

“When I started using Trionics developers in 1991, I quickly realized they could set me apart from the competition, processing clients 20 minutes faster with perfect results every time. I began doing ‘Express Colors’ on lunch hours. It made my salon a huge success. I always use Trionics with any color line, any application. I won’t travel without it. I get faster performance and better results than any manufacturers’ developers. No unwanted brassy tones... just consistently beautiful color and healthier hair.”

—Janine Shuman, educator, international guest artist, photo session stylist, and founder of Naked Hair Salon—#3 certified eco-friendly salon in the world

Bobby & Debbie Deneke

“We’ve been using Trionics developers for more than 10 years and don’t own a bottle of peroxide. Why? First, it’s so much faster. You can process three clients in the time it takes to do one. Second, the color... you can’t beat it. Vibrant reds, stubborn gray, and knock-out looking blondes that are absolutely amazing with no brassy tones. You’ll never go back... that’s the truth!”

—Bobby & Debbie Deneke, Deneke Hair Salon, Phoenix, AZ

Keisha McAlister

“I love Trionics developers because they don’t jeopardize the integrity of my clients' hair. And I’m not blasting myself and my clients with kickbacks of chemicals. I’ve used them with Wella, Goldwell, Redken and others, and they work beautifully with any color line. I love the lift I can get on African-American hair to very light—through the gold band without it getting orange. And the enzyme cocktail conditioner... love it! OMG... the shine is ridiculous! All my clients love it and notice a difference too!”

—Keisha McAlister, Owner/Stylist, Lavender Beauty Suite, Fairfield, CA

Debbie Lynch

“This plant-based enzyme technology for developers has been a GAMECHANGER for me as a stylist. I am working SMARTER, not harder. Colors come out beautifully, gray hair doesn’t stand a chance, and my blonde clients are nothing short of BOMBSHELLS!! Love, love, LOVE that there is never any guessing when using Trionics.”

—Debbie Lynch, hairdresser/salon owner, Rumors Hair Salon, Cottonwood, AZ

Tiffany Sierra

“[Trionics‘ Gray B Gone] is the ‪bombdizzle‬! This is the answer to all ‪gray hair‬ / resistant hair‬ problems‬. Leaves your hair ‪silky‬ and ‪shiny‬ in half the time—with full ‪gray coverage‬! I’m ‪obsessed‬!”

—Tiffany Sierra, stylist/colorist, Hairitage North Salon, Fresno, CA

Cindy Buhl

“I love my Get It Strate—another amazing Trionics enzyme product! I love the flexibility it gives me as a stylist and my clients when they leave the salon. Not only is it fantastic for all-over use when your client wants sleek, straight hair one day and frizz-free curls the next (flat iron, high heat), but it’s also an amazing smoother for spot treatments on unruly cowlicks, bangs and necklines during styling. I love that it has no odor and a nice consistency that’s easy to apply. If I apply less heat—for example, with a blow dryer or curling iron—it will only last a few shampoos but the results are amazing and my clients are thrilled! This puts other smoothing/straightening treatments to shame, and I’ve tried them all!”

—Cindy Buhl, owner/stylist, Cindy’s Salon, Carnation, WA

Adryanna Galarce

“We LOVE it [Higher & Higher]! Especially for our Latina clients that pull those yellow/orange tones. We use their whole line of products. Also invest in their Hair Booster!”

—Adryanna Galarce, co-owner & salon coordinator, Hair Healers Salon, Miami, FL

Iris Smith, Lux Salon, Stockton, CA

“Many of you asked me how I felt about [Gray B Gone], here’s my answer: I LOVE IT! I’ve already got some of my girls at the salon hooked on it. This product is a must have! It is more expensive than your average developer but it saves you so much time and the coverage is OKOKOK! After I apply color, I place a shower cap and sit the client under a dryer (medium heat) for 15–20 minutes, and voila! OK

—Iris Smith, owner/stylist at Lux Salon, Stockton, CA

Ann Mari Toman Ballard

“I can’t say enough how amazing these developers are and now I can say I’m sold on the Booster line too! Almost too good to be true!”

—Ann Mari Toman Ballard, American board-certified hair colorist, Columbia, TN

Diana Jean Hylton

“My first purchase of Trionics was at the Nashville Fashion Focus and I’ve been completely smitten ever since!! My clients have noticed a difference as well! The clients I have with more sensitive scalps say that their scalp doesn’t itch while doing all-over color anymore!”

—Diana Jean Hylton, Amie & Co. Salon, Clarksville, IN

Irma Arias

“...hands down, the best developers in the world.”

—Irma Arias, Bellaza Salon, Tucson, AZ